Supreme Dragon of the Twelve Realms

kudakwashe chikosi

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The higher the realm, the more powerful the foes, the higher the realm, the closer he gets to vengeance, the higher the realm, the closer he gets to getting to his true home...

Yale is a god who's divinity was taken from him. Raised among mortals of the lowest realm the young man seeks to regain all that was taken from him. Gaze upon a story that transcends across twelve realms and see a snake rise into becoming the dragon it was meant to be!


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Chapter 6- There is no way

“So does this mean that we are now at the first sub-level of the Student stage?” Yale asked, and Terence replied. “Yes!!!..... I guess so... I think we are..... We can just ask my aunt.”

The pair reached the group of adults who all wore excited expressions. “Now that you’ve reached the first Stage you training regime will be dif……

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