Silver Amelia

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In the very first world created and abandoned by the first gods, Origin, existed human kingdoms, in which was at war with the other residents of this world. At the south eastern tip of the continent of Randia, lies the kingdom of Laurel. In this very kingdom lives, a princess with a title of 'Silver Princess'. Her name is Amelia Laurel.

Amelia views the world quite differently.

"Why is it that most princesses are born to be naive?"

"Why are heroes dense like adamantite?"


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When Mon and I went down to approach the Tribe’s residence, several dome-shaped structures greeted my line of sight. They were like miniature hills that sprouted but failed to become full-fledged hills. Apparently, these hill-like structures were the homes of the Tribe.

“Are the homes of the Tribe usually made to look like these?” I ……

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