Playing the Ice Princess


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Everyone knew 23 year old Liliana Silverstone, daughter of the CEO of the multibillion hotel chain, Silverstone Hotels, was an Ice Princess.

Like her glare-could-freeze-hell type of ice princess.

Groomed to perfection, Liliana took no interest in men preferring books, always playing the part of the obedient daughter.

Or so everyone thought.

Enter Lila Shaw, her secret alternate identity. Lila was a bold seductress who had men begging for a single glance.

When her father decides it's time for Liliana to settle down with a man he picked, Liliana decides to steal her fiancé's heart as Lila, forcing him to cancel the engagement.

Not knowing that he was just as cunning as her, or that he'd steal her heart first.


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CHAPTER TEN: In which she is told to meet him for the "first" time

It's been two weeks since my first date with Adrian and we've been on four dates so far, all very different but very romantic. He insisted on picking me up on our second date, so every day after our second date he'd send a bouquet of flowers. Whether i……

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