Good Girl Gone Bad

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Faye Raven has a reputation.

She's the schools 'good girl'. The nerd. The 'Flabby Faye' of her adolescence.

Or is she?

Because what kind of good girl has a blue streak in her hair?
What kind of good girl has a secret tattoo?
What kind of good girl rides only skateboards?
And what kind of good girl is the best of the best when it comes to racing motorcycles illegally?

Her motto?
Good girls are Bad Girls that haven't been caught.

And she's never been caught.

Until Ryan Stryker invades her crazy life (the fault of a catastrophic collision with a runaway skateboard) and for a while, she can show her bad side to someone just as bad.

For a while, her life is Chaos.

Her life is Bad.

And the school's No.1 hottie shows Faye that its okay to be wicked.

Actually, its perfect.

So Faye's wiping out the last trace of good in herself and the Good Girl is going all Bad.

After all, Bad does feels so, so much Better.


This book will have you on your knees with laughter. It will also hurt your heart with its adorableness.

Let's Get Bad.


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'Why are we hiding in the girls bathroom?'

'Because I want revenge.'

'But I'm a boy.'

I shot Ian a glare, shushing him before turning back to peeking out of the bathroom's door.

'Are we done yet?'


There was a two minute pause.

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