Special Protection Agency

Zoe Hoye Mystery,Thriller & Crime

2008 reads

After a child goes through hell at a young age is saved by the Special Protection Agency. With nowhere to go, she is taken in and converted into an Agent.
Not just any Agent one of the best in her team. She never allows herself a break, she goes on a mission after mission.
Her latest mission is to protect a famous actor, where he can be targeted at anytime at anyplace.
But what happens when new evidence comes to light? New evidence that unlocks a familiar emotion, hatred.


Latest Updated
Chapter 6

Trevor sits up looking at Skylar, “Why don’t we start with you telling me what your team’s specialities are?”
“Hunter is our technology expert, anything that has wires he is your guy, he can hack into literally anything. He also works alongside our inventor so he knows how all of our newest technology works, he is my second pair of eyes when……

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