Celestial Mage

Kuda Sibanda

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The world was under the protection of Hamura and his royal family. They were the chosen family 900 years ago given the power to protect the five nations by the first Celestial Mage, Karatsugi the sword. It was an oath made by Hamura's first decedent but Hamura is the first of his family to break that vow. Karatsugi was taken away from him by Omani who was the celestial mage of that time. The celestial mage disappeared living the world in chaos as Hamura using his power, money, evil scheme to conquer the five nations.


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Chapter five

Celestial Mage

Chapter 5

The people of little river were getting ready to hide because the news had reached them that Kaldo and his men were coming to attack. Sasha had told Sam that he should leave with elder people and hide in the mountain. Siphon watched as the people of little river evacuated the area. He had the power to save th……

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