Hunting The Dark Side

Zoe Hoye Fantasy

1939 reads

Sapphire is 23 and in serious trouble. Her hometown is under attack from the creatures that live in your nightmares. When she discovers she needs help she calls her estranged brothers -Jackson and Leo- who drive down immediately to help Sapphire to save the town. However, all too soon they are not just fighting monsters; they are fighting the secrets within their own family.


Latest Updated
Chapter 31: Meeting Davorin

Sandalio starts walking towards the forest to show the Beta’s team where they have to stand, they stop close to a small clearing in the forest.
“Beta team, an arch please with a gap to fit two wolves in between, you will be able to cover more space with that sort of gap.” Sandalio orders, Amoux and Lyall still by her side, they stood proudly……

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