Cinderella: The Cinder from the Ash

Shanti Krishnamurty Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Ella of Cinders is decidedly human. Everyone around her is decidedly not, which makes not being found out by the townspeople just one more daily chore in a list of daily chores. Her only escape is her weekly trip to the church garden…after all, zombies don’t eat vegetables. But everything changes when she meets Grey, a cute zombie who is utterly irreverent and makes her laugh. Before Ella quite realizes it, he has convinced her to attend the social event of her lifetime…the choosing of a bride for the prince of the realm. The only problem is Ella is smitten with Grey. What will she do if the prince chooses her?


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Chapter Twenty-Two

The castle was not as populated as it had been during the ball. A single footman opened the doors upon Grey and Ella’s return.

“Welcome back, Your Highness. The king and queen are in their personal apartments. I have instructions to escort you there immediately.” He glanced at Ella. “If you will follow me, I am sure I can make you comforta……

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