Conclave of Tyrants: Zion, The Ambivalence of a King

kudakwashe chikosi

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For years mankind has been plagued by the supernatural. Myths become real, legends become nightmares, thus humanity had to come up with a way to defend itself. Most of modern day society believes most of the dark creatures to be folklore and legends, but ancient clans, sects and organizations know otherwise, constantly fighting everyday to keep the darkness from coming into the light.

A young teenager is thrust with abilities a human should not have. These abilities make him powerful, but they come with a price. Thrust into this crazy underground world, Alex must find a way to save both mankind and himself, from the darkness outside, and the darkness within him...


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Chapter 2- Explain yourself

I was shocked. This news had my mind racing. [I was in a pile of rubble? How come I don’t even remember that? Last thing I remember is going to sleep on the last day of summer.] With my mind racing I decided to defend myself “Hold on lady, I’m sure you did your research on me. You should know that I’m pretty much an average guy. There is no way ……

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