Conclave of Tyrants: The Smoke That Thunders

kudakwashe chikosi Science Fiction & Fantasy

1791 reads

The Gutu Empire, a behemoth that stretched across the majority of the Western Continent, dominated all in its path. The Gutu themselves were a race of mighty beings, capable to destroying mountains and splitting oceans with a wave of their hands.

A billionaire prodigy from Earth dies in his sleep and wakes up in the body of a child in a Gutu village. He quickly adjusts and slowly begins to formulate a plan to do what he had once done before. Take over the world! This time, not with money, nor with intellect, but pure might!

In a world where demons, strange creatures, mages, vampires and all sorts of insanities run amok, Takunda keeps a calm mind, as his vision sees nothing but the top he desires! Watch the legend that swept the Western Continent of its feet, the story of Mosi Oa Tunya: The Smoke That Thunders!


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Chapter 12- Windsor

Just the mentioning of the Yamato Shogunate made McLeod frown quite a bit.

“Aye, their shinobi are known as the best spies in the world. From recon to undercover work to assassination, they can do it all. During The War of Sages and Saints they out did all other intelligence gathering organizations by manifold and are one of the two reason……

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