In the Name of Evil

Noëlle McHenry

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Father Kain Akkerman never wanted to be a priest.

His faith in God and all things holy is and always was lacking. But for one reason or another, on a Sunday night in November of 1992, he finds himself preparing to exorcise a demon from a teenaged girl.

Working with a stranger, an angelic young priest named Jasper de Witte, he assumes it will be no more than a routine exorcism. But he soon learns to never underestimate the power of the devil's angels . . .

Will Fathers Akkerman and de Witte survive long enough to complete the exorcism, or will they become nothing more than the demon's mortal playthings?

A fictional horror novelette by Noëlle McHenry, author of Don't Wake Me Up Just Yet.


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Chapter 6

A mixture of fear and grief overwhelmed Father Akkerman. Had Els been in the abyss with them? He worried that may've been the case and that he'd forgotten her, so he looked to the dark pit. But it was gone. The floor was in almost pristine condition, making Akkerman pause.

That was when he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around, he lo……

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