443 You broke your promise again?

Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress Alle Adames * 1183 words 2019-10-22 08:10:08



Author's notification:

My response to some fo your questions: 1: Why this story is too long and too twist? My answer: I want to give characters life, make them lively, so I need more events and more relationships to embody every character's personality, especially the main characters. Please don't care how long the story is, but care whether it touches your heart or not! 2: When will the story go to end? My answer: When Alessa and Brian clear up all misunderstandings, put down the hatred and trust each other sincerely, they will have a happy ending. True love never fears difficulties. I promise they will have a happy ending! Thanks all supportive readers again, I will do my best to give you a better story!!!

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