Chapter 21

Royalty (Book 1) Tyra-mae Harper 1476 words 2018-01-20 20:35:29



Author's notification:

Hey guys! Okay! SO, I have decided to submit a book for the contest that Ficfun is throwing, you know, the one with the $10,000 prize? Anyway, it is radically different from this one. It's a murder mystery set in today's times and features a runaway murder suspect on the run with a world-famous band. WHat could go wrong, am I right?  Does it sound like fun? If so, please support me, I'd really appreciate it. By the way, I am looking for a really good book. Message me with suggestions (even if it's yours, I'd love to read what you guys are coming up with!) Let me know if you have submitted a book, I would want to support you too, even if it is a competition (wink-wink).  The truth is, that we're all writers and readers here. That makes us a family in my book. So, send me yours, and I will read it. And to all the writers who joined the competition, break a leg! To those of you haven't- why haven't you? I just know you'll crush it. Get that story out your heart and onto th

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