FAQs by Writers

    There have been some doubts and questions raised by writers about how STARY operates and what its offer entails. We very much appreciate your questions and concerns and would like to take this opportunity to explain who we are and how we are trying to improve.

    STARY, since day one of its establishment, aims to help aspirational writers develop and monetize their content and achieve a mutual progress for both parties. We strive to create a platform where writers, new or established, can achieve something great, and it is our hope to inject new vitality into the publishing industry. We are deeply convinced that, if a person is diligent and persistent, there is no reason why they cannot write an exceptional work that will resonate with a wider audience. We know that many amazing works are out there waiting to be discovered. We want to be the one to do that.

It is understandable and natural that some people are skeptical of who we are and how we operate, which is why we put together this document. With the FAQs below, we hope to let the writers know how we at STARY operate.

1. What is an advance payment and what is the“Pay-Read-Program”?

    Unlike many other online or traditional publishers, STARY is willing to offer an advance payment as a financial reward/support for writers who publish their completed or new works on our site. After a work is listed in the “pay-to-read” program by the data analysis team and starts to generate revenue, the advance first needs to be paid back before writers can receive their share. This is because the works published on STARY's platforms are not automatically listed in the “pay-to-read” program, rather, there is a selection process by the data analysis team.

    For works that are listed in the“pay-to-read” program, which allows readers to directly support their favorite writers, STARY will also invest heavily in advertising and promoting them, thus bringing these works to more readers. This will lead to more revenue for our writers. Therefore, the share structure is formulated based on the efforts made by STARY.

2. I am not so satisfied with the advance payment offered to me.

    The standards for the advance payment are based on the rating given by the editors after a review of a work and it is not intended as a valuation of the work. Rather, the financial support offered is to encourage aspirational writers. The bigger financial reward comes from the “Pay-to-Read” program, which enables writers who wrote brilliant works to get a continual stream of support from their readers. 

    If you still have any doubts or inquiries about the advance payment system, you can contact your executive editor.

3. Why there is a delay in receiving my payment?

    STARY never fails to keep the promise of paying its writers what they deserve. When the payments are successfully made, the Finance Department will send out an email informing the related writers and there is also a Bulletin Board on the site to show the works that STARY has paid.

    But, due to the complexity involved in settling international payments and the situation where the information provided is not correct, sometimes there is a delay. In such cases, the Finance Department must check with writers to make sure the promised payments can be sent through, and this takes times. Any failed or missed transactions that occurred will be resolved immediately.

    STARY understands its writers’ concerns and whenever there is a delay or error, frustration and upset feelings are shared. Writers can contact our Finance via payment @dreame.com for any inquiries about the payment meant to be received.

4. How can STARY guarantee the share?

    Our editors have been keeping track of the revenue generated and have recently sent out the promised shares with some of writers earning up to 10,000 US dollars. We will do everything within our power to cater to our writers interests as it is ultimately within our own interest to build STARY's reputation. We understand that this is indeed a big concern for writers whose works start to make a profit on our platforms. To that end, the revenue-tracking service on the writer's end is well underway and will be available later this year.

5. Can I publish my work on STARY’s platform without having to sign a contract?

    Yes, of course. Writers are more than welcome to publish their works on STARY’s platforms without a contract whether they are:

a.  Wanting to know how STARY operates first by putting the work on Dreame.

b. Hoping to bring the work to more readers.

c. Not feeling confident enough about handling a contract.

6. Will my contract with STARY extend to all of my works?

    It is made clear that any contract you sign will only be applicable to one of your works. Which one will be clearly stated in the contract. A typical contract also allows you to publish your works in paperback form as we only reserve the digital copyright of your work.


    We hope that any questions or concerns you have had about STARY are answered in the above. Thank you for reading.