Paid Writers in Jan.

Payments for signed writers in December have all been transferred successfully ,here is part of the list,those who aren't in the list can also check your paypal account to confirm your remunerations:

《The Chosen One》   korielyn

《Conclave of Tyrants: The Smoke That Thunders》   kudakwashe chikosi 

《Poison Orchid》   Shreya Chakraborty

《The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir》   No?lle McHenry

《A Mistake to the World》   Cynthia Monica

《Dangerous Secrets》   The Binary Library

《The Headshrinker's Dillema》   Brian Hawkins

《Purgatech: Adrian's Ghost-hunting Angst》   Ryan Boucher

《Purgatech: Jess's Horror》   Mary Rochette

《The Cookie-Baking Poltergeist》   John Bolier

《Purgatech: Aaron's Terrible Realization》   Korey Ward

《Royalty (Book 1)   Tyra-mae Harper

Nicholette's Reign (Book 1)》   H.M. Moktadir

Games of the Heart》   Louise M. 

Mystify Me》   Free Fire Fiction

We Passengers》   Nicci Rae

Fighting For Your Rights》   MaryLei Barclay

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