Dear FicFun writers and readers,

After two months of fierce competition, we are proud to announce the winners of the first ever FicFun Writing Contest! Our team received countless original fiction works of writers from 23 countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Philippines and more!

Finally, we are now ready to announce the 25 winners for the Fan Choice Award, 10 winners for Editor's Choice Award and 7 winners for Readers Award. A total of 4315 votes and 412 comments have been counted. Congratulations!

Winners, when you see your name listed, please contact us through within ten working days to claim your prizes.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make our first contest a success, be on the lookout for our next one!

See the list below:

Claiming Lord Thuran by Lisa Kumar

Whispering Hearts (3 in 1) by Chrissie-Swift

Take me Somewhere by Love, Shawnee

Boy-Friends by Lex Fassbender

Beyond the Milky Way by J Linz

The Big Bang by Hans Jefferson Paglinawan

The Lotus and the Loon by G.A. Zimmermann

Wingsburn: School of the Divine Arts by Jessica Wood

Nicholette's Reign (Book 1) by H.M. Moktadir

Good Girl Gone Bad by _StarlightToFire

Poison Orchid by Shreya Chakraborty

Lunar Whispers by Sian

The Chosen One by korielyn

Hannibal Monster by Kuda Sibanda


Donsal Road by Bernadette San Agustin

Special Protection Agency by Zoe Hoye

A Murky Past by Naj Ali Khan

Hollows Eve by FadeToBlackNinja

The Vladivostok Incident by Jackie Bauman

Chasm Scar by Brittany Rush

Shadowed Stone by Kahanikaar

Venture with Anime System by BrokeonVodka

Celestial Mage by Kuda Sibanda

A New Dawn Coming by Chad Legge