The Couple At Odds [COMPLETED] Tagalog


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Carl Xin was shocked when he was suddenly kissed by a stranger young beautiful woman. And he didn't expect to see her again, but at that moment their fathers introduced them as each other's bride and groom.Their worlds seem to have collapsed, and when he brought his instant young beautiful wife home, his house almost looks like a courtroom with a prosecutor and defense lawyer always arguing just for what they stand for.However, with Amber's sexiness and beauty, Carl Xin falls in love with her despite the stress she gives him.


Tags: possessivesexlove after marriagearranged marriageothersheir/heiressdramaseriouscampushusband
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HINDI niya maintindihan ang sarili kung bakit labis ang kabang nararamdaman niya nang mga sandaling iyon lalo na nang bumaba siya ng sasakyan kasama ang kanyang parents.

Hindi nila kasama ang secretary ng kanyang ama dahil mas magiging maayos daw kung ang kanyang ina ang kanilang isasama.

Sumakay sila sa elevator at h……

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