Possessive Mr. Vilamour

Xiaxia Ciara

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He hugged me from the back. His hands possessively circled my waist as he put his face behind mine.

I did not reacted and just let him do what he wants.

He slowly bite my ears seductively that made me stiffened. His fingers wrapped mine while his lips slowly went down on my neck.

I moved my neck away subconsciously."Lucas, stop it. "

Lucas just chuckled. I felt his warm breath on my neck. "Hmm, Camila Dale... "

My eyes narrowed slightly but I stayed silent. I closed my eyes tight when he bite my neck suddenly.

"Or should I say.......Camille? "

My heart skipped a beat as I was frozen. He...... he knew?

I felt my body became icy-cold as my face paled. It can't be.

"I think you have something to explain to me, isn't it? "he hoarsely added.

I gulped. His voice sounded like he really knew about my identity. How.... and when did he started to suspect me?

I felt my body turned around as I now faced him. His red kissable lips, tall and sharp nose, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows and his dark eyes who were staring at me, captivated me entirely.

He did not say anything as he was just staring at me, waiting for my answer.

I looked away. This is the first time that I was nervous explaining myself. The first time that I can't think of a word.

In my peripheral vision, I saw his face darkened that made me shivered.

"Camille or Camila.......even if you have many identities, remember that you are mine. Mine only. "he said those words that had marked in my mind and deeply engraved in my heart.

I slowly looked at him as his lips quickly rushed on mine.

Lucas........I'm all yours.


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