The Player Charms

Lilian Makakavhule

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Jason Mendoza is the guy that every girl wants at Morrison high school . He is the one every guy envies and he knows for a fact that he has got the looks to die for . Jason knows how to use his good looks , charm and smooth tongue to get what he wants

Sally Davison is a fierce and strong girl . She always keeps and tries to keep herself invisible as much as possible.

what happens when she is finally visible to Jason as one girl who doesn't fan girl him nor has fallen under his charms


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Chapter 7

Jason POV

Damn that girl! She really turned the tables ones huh? She managed to get away unharmed i see but I'll get her back for that , it not over at all not by the longest shot . One of these days I'll definitely make her pay , i swear it . " Hey Jay , don't tell me you are still brooding……

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