Executioners: A Silent Murder


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An 18-year-old college student taking up Criminology course wants to have an adventurous and thrilling college life named Jaran. He will discover that the task that were given to them in their trainings were a real crime and there is a silent murdering that is happening in Rutherford University. Jaran and his friends needs to investigate and find out who the killer is.

(Young-Adult Contest)


Tags: murderbadboystudentno-couplemysterymale leadcampuscrimeschoolathlete
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Chapter Three

"Damn, I'm nervous about the exam results. Do you think we can pass?" Rainier said while rubbing his hands because of his nervousness. 

"I think we will pass the same but I just don't know if you will pass," James replied foolishly to him. 

We are now a……

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