GODDESS SERIES 1: The Rebellious Daughter (R18 tagalog-Completed)

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Meet Azrael, the organization's rebellious daughter, as agent Lexxa.

She's a sweet, caring kid who treats her parents well. She was lucky to have such great parents. She never failed to praise God.
However, one event will cause her confidence to be shaken. Her mother was killed in a car crash. She suddenly changed her mind about the world, which she now saw as a greedy spot. Her heart was filled with anger and contempt for God.

But when her father remarried, she became even more enraged. Her mother's death was disrespected by the hasty marriage.

But what if she discovered that something had been planned all along? From the death of her mother to her father's second marriage? But who?

Is there any way that love would be able to soothe her rage against everyone?

Will love be able to heal her broken heart?

Would she ever change her mind?

Would she trust God again?


Tags: spy/agentpossessivesexfamilykickass heroinebravecomedybxgchildhood crushfirst love
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