Omegas Fate

Louisa Cinnamon

133 reads

Eloise is used to being treated badly. Her dad doesn't want her and her classmates shun her. She just wants to finish school, get a job and move away. Leave them all behind.
After an incident at school she manages to gain the interest of a powerful man and her life is irreversibly altered forever.
It turns out werewolves do exist, a whole community hidden in plain sight, and one of them believes she belongs to him.

Cover by Picsart


Tags: alphadominantsubmissivegoodgirlomegawerewolvespackvirgin
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I had managed to walk out of my house unaided, Caleb hovering around me like an over protective parent. Getting into his car had been challenging, my broken and bruised body felt uncooperative and throbbed with pain, each movement making my eyes water. I mentally cursed the ‘cult doctor’ for not providing any pain relief at all as I gingerly sat……

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