Fire and Rain


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From a world with shapeshifting and control of the four elements, Dana Maverick suddenly finds herself being transported into an alternate reality, where such powers don’t exist. As if being stuck in a foreign world isn’t enough, she finds that her self-proclaimed nemesis, Gareth Winds, had been transported with her. Now they have to work together to find a way back home—that is, if they can stand each other long enough.


Tags: opposites attractshifterkickass heroinestudentbxghumorousmagical worldanother worldenimies to lovers
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Twenty Five

Tomorrow night. That’s when Mr. Farden told me to meet with him, so he could send me back home. I couldn’t believe it. In less than twenty four hours, I was finally going back.
That night, after Mr. Farden discovered who I was, I met up with Gareth in his parked car just outside of school.
“Hey,” he said, looking worried as I entered. “Wha……

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