My One and Only YOU


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Does the heart remember who it once loved? What happens if someone else possesses this heart and the real owner is gone?

That's what Clark's going through. It was the first time he had met the new housemate of the girls, but every time he looked at her the feeling that he had long wanted to forget was revived. And every day he spends it with her he deepens his feelings for her.

She is close to his best friend and every moment the two are together it seems like his heart is slowly being killed constantly fighting for feelings that he will never forget.

He tried to avoid, tease and harass the woman, but as he did so, he fell in love with her more. He felt like he was going crazy because of his secret feelings for her.

How can he fight the feeling if his rival is his best friend? And what's worse, she is his best friend's first love. Should he just let go, even though he knows he will be hurt a second time, or follow his heart even if he hurts someone else?


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Chapter 33

Pauwi na sila pero tahimik lang si Gaby. Iniisip niya ang sinabi ni Dylan. Napansin naman ito ni Donna at Nay Ising.

"Masama ba ang pakiramdam mo, Gaby?" tanong ni Donna

Tiningnan lang niya ang dalaga at hindi nagsalita. Paano nakaupo na naman ito sa unahan. Napansin niya na sinulyapan siya ni Dylan sa rear view mirror inirapan lang ……

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