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The real beauty starts, inside and out.

Athena is gifted with pretty face and beautiful heart.


She's too beautiful that makes everyone insecure and jelous, some are mad and some are so full of judgements.

Being beautiful is a burden for her. It makes her mad, she believes that this pretty face of her will only bring her danger...

Some people in dangers have unexpected superheroes.

(p.s i dont trust this description
of mine. I'll change if to something cool, if ever i think of good synopsis)


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Chapter 10

"Dang!, They look good together" Bulong sa akin ni amber. I rolled my eyes.

As if i care, Tingin ko weeks from now mag bre- break din ang dalawang yan. Yah know! Ipapakasal sa ibang babae si loui ng lolo niya. HAHA!

Lumabas din ng kotse si loui. Binigyan niya ng halik sa pisngi ang girlfriend niya. Yuck!


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