Jerk Face Billionaire's Son

Ber NA Det

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#Beware: Mature content, Don't venture if you can't.

I am the master of my life. My parents are never always available when I need them, so I need to fight on my own. My Senior brother cares about me, but he is the overprotective type, and he is in boarding school.
My life is so boring before the arrival of Asher, the new student who turns my boring life into turns no merriment. But there is something strange about him, more like a secret he doesn't want to share. What will it be? And how will our friendship or rather a relationship move on after the revelation of the secret??


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Chapter 57: The Letter

I sat on Asher's waist panting, unable to move either left or right, and sweat had formed ugly balls on my forehead.

"Take it easy Anna, you'll have a mastery of it before you notice it," Asher advised placing his hands protectively over my waist.

I swallowed hard trying to push the lump that stood in my throat awkwardly, refusing ……

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