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andrea was the daughter of mafia boss and not just a mere 'mafia boss' his dad owns a lot of companies and illegal groups. their mafia group was the biggest and highest than any groups, meanwhile andrea knows about that stuff and her dream was to enter the school called Crimson University. she want to enter that school because of her brothers but little did she knows she'll discover the unexpected secret that will make her be one of them, 'DEMONS'


Tags: murderrevengekillerdarkbadgirlmafiamysterycampusschoolweak to strong
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season 2-EPLOUGUE

Hell pov.

Tahimik akong naka upo sa sasakyan habang nakatulala sa basang bintana dulot ng ulan na sanhi ng masamang panahon.

It's been six years since that incident happened and I can't still accept it. It was like a hurricane that even my soul and mind can't still process it.

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