Unknown future

Jessie Brizendine

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My name is Kelly Marie, I would like to say that I have two wonderful perints a brother and a sister but sadly that is not thé case.
All I do know is the day I was born, the nuns at the catholic Monastery found me out side oñ the door step with a note and madallen necklace.
Mother Linda said I will get my necklace and the letter when I turn 18. I will be in one week.
I have know idea where I will go when I have to leave. To be honest I am very glad to be leaving. don't get me wrong I love everyone here but way too many rules for my liking.
I'm still young but yet I got the most part have taken care of my self since I was 5 yeàrs old.
Well there you have it, theré is up not much to say except for the fact that I think God every day for letting me survive what ever happened to make my parents just leave me out side late at night in the middle of winter.

So this week went by faster than I thought it would. in just 3 hours I will officially be 18. So I will finally get the necklace and letter my birth parents left me. Tó say ím excited is an understatement.
I hope that I won't be disappointed, after I read the letter.


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last night at the mausoleum

Dravone's P.O.V

Damn I was not expecting to be questioned like that but I managed by telling Mother Linda that I just found out today's of Kelly existing and that Damien and Missy had passed away only after I came back from being over sees studying for something else that doesn't seem important anymore.

Out óf the blue Kelly s……

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