The Murderer In My Shadow


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Once upon a time, there was an ugly princess living in a mansion full of chambermaids and butlers. Whenever she calls her servants, they would always bow their heads and close their eyes. They are not allowed to see her face.

When someone looks at her without her permission, she will immediately banish them—not to return to her mansion ever again.

Then, a man secretly murdered all the servants she banished and framed Amberlene by putting the blame on her. Without her knowing, she became the target and the main culprit of the authorities.

To clear her name, she must escape and find out the truth behind the murders... alone. While trying to get away from her mansion, she met one of her butlers along the way.

She ended up falling in love with the person she only knew once in her entire life. She does not know that her former butler has been keeping a secret which was related to the murders she's currently investigating and only Amberlene can unveil the truth behind it.

Will she be able to find out the secret behind the death of her servants and prove her innocence?

What if the man she's tied up with was the suspect and she was his next target?

Will she be able to solve the mystery and escape from the hands of her beloved butler? and punished not to return to her mansion ever again.


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Chapter 43: Isabel

Among the remaining nineteen chambermaids in the mansion where Amberlene stood as the lady of the house, she was the youngest. An innocent girl who became a servant at the age of seventeen.

“How's you, Isabel?” yaya Dolor saw her watering the plants in the courtyard of the mansion.

“Good morning, milady. I'm fine. Are ……

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