In Love Without Love. Since my childhood, I have held the notion that love is the most sweetest feeling in the world...

Felix Socrates

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I was deeply in love, but with the lady who did not love me. I felt terrible, the experience was horrid. I did not know what to do, because love felt painful and the pain elevated the more I went i have myself to her. She knew this, she seemed to enjoy my suffering and prolong my agony. I told myself it would be over, various thoughts clouded my judgment but I resisted the one that were making me vengeful and the ones that were turning into suicidal thought. I guess i was just ready to live for love, not to st with love.


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The Sorrow of Loving Too Much

There is sorrow in giving love and affection without getting it back. It is like planting in soil that brings no yield. It would be better if you failed to give it, because of unappreciation that it brings about. love should be reciprocated for it to be whole. It is a human basic need and giving it without the feeling being restored exhaust and ……

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