The Alpha & The Vampire Queen

Alyssa W.

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Ambrosia and Jackson have come a long way since they first met. Peace has been kept because of the difficult battles they have had to fight, but it has been disrupted by her brother. Ambrosia must make one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make before, she must hunt her brother down and get a handle on the chaos that he is so determined to create.
Together they recruit the help of the council as well as the dark witch queen to aid them in the fight to keep the balance and everyone safe. Ambrosia past will come in to view to understand why her brother loathes her to the point he tries to erase her from history itself and make a new future where vampires are able to do as they please. In this story we will see Ambrosias struggles and if she is able to maintain the peace.


Tags: revengepowerfulwarriorqueendramabxgvampiresecretssupernaturalwar
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Ambrosia POV:

    We had just walked in to Julies office when the guys caught up to us. "What was that about?" I asked looking at them. "I'll tell you after the appointment and stuff." Jackson whispered. "Alright, lets check on the little ones, shirt up please." Julie said walking in. I knew the routine already, lay back lift my ……

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