He won’t ever again find himself. He knew he shouldn’t do it. It wasn’t worth for her. But it was too late. He had to go on.

Simona Šepeľová

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He felt all the cold lights screwing his mind. They were depressing even tho he didn’t see them... But he couldn’t do anything about that.


Tags: darkdominanttragedytwistedbisexualhumorousheavykickingmysteryweak to strong
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Chapter 2

He didn’t even realized the second it happend but he fell through it and felt the tough ground. He looked around and again saw a lot of walls but this time they were black. On the left side of the room was a couch. He stood up all dizzy and got on it. ‘’Oh you are already tired?’’ He turned around immediately but saw no one. ‘’Are you looking fo……

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