Be aware of my Panther


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Amelia Penelope, most powerful women in "ziyt" country. strong and independent women.she rules the business world in more than 26 countries.she gets everything she wants at all cost.The one thing Amelia hates the most is "MEN"...

Men fall for her beauty ,no one can resist her. Then what about our Male lead??.......... Of course,he too..
such a beauty with brain,even our Male lead couldn't resist.

Zavier Bymnn....our male lead who works as a program organizer.fell in love with our female lead at first sight.

she hates him but got married with him in just a week...... How? hahahah...... that's a secret.
Read my story to find out more about these couple.

The image of the cover doesn't belong to me.i downloaded it from pinterest. it belong to its owner.


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Episode 10

Zavier’s phone rang interrupting them; his eyes were wide open looking at the call. It was from his mom. Hello! Mom… he spoke in a low hesitating voice. Come home for dinner tonight, a cold voice said to him and hung up the phone without his reply. Even though it’s just a small talk, he felt so happy speaking with his mother after a year.……

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