The Slumber Party

Qudrah Adam

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Ashley just moved in with her billionaire dad after he had won the court case and got her custody from her poor mom. who is not financially stable enough to take care of her. She is a virgin alright, but very naive and care free. She meets Cole, a handsome rude neighbor who happens to be her senior at school and also dislikes her greatly, and never losses a chance to disgrace her in public.

It all started at a Slumber Party, where Ashley was exposed of being a virgin in front of Cole!

what will Cole do when he finds out?

what will happen?

find out by Adding to your library!


Tags: playboygoodgirldramatwistedcampushighschoolschoolvirgin
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Ashley's pov

On arriving at school, I made my way towards my class without sparing any body a glance. Immediately I got to class, I greeted Miss Olivia and made my way towards an empty sit in front. I wasn't going to sit with the girls after all what had happened between us yesterday, I really hate them right now.


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