[The City Of Bones]

The Lady In Black

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I was confused by what he said because of the language barrier. What did he mean by 'make me remember'? Well I wasn't going to stick around to find out...

Acting quickly I hit him in the family jewels. His eyes bulged in shock and a second later he let out a loud grunt bending over in pain. Without a second thought I booked it and ran. I knew I wouldn't be able to outrun him so my only change was to hide.

Seeing a car parked a few blocks away a light bulb went off in my head and I carefully slid under the car laying as flat as possible. After minutes of silence I let out soft sigh of relief thinking I was in the clear. Until I heard almost shark like footsteps circle the car I was under.

My hairs stood on end and my breath caught in the back of my throat when everything suddenly went quiet. I slowly turned my head and saw two bright green eyes staring back at me. He was bent down lookin under the car; at this moment all I could thing was...

'Oh Fuck'.

"Found you," he whispered with a wicked smirk on his face as two large hands suddenly wrapped around my ankles. Instantaneously I began thrashing and kicking only to be dragged out from under the car.

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He rushed to the gates to see everything surrounded. Everything was in flames and he felt dread as he saw Silla held right next to the treacherous Raymond. Gripping the small girl tightly in his sleeve he pulled out a knife and at the same time Declan pulled out his gun and aimed point blank an inch from his head.


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