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Abigail Thompson is an ordinary girl I’m high school, she has average grades and she has two who best friends who she loves. She has very low self esteem and a dark secret, she thinks that almost everything in her life is hopeless. But one day, she gets a new chemistry partner, all girl's favorite Ethan Scott, the popular guy in school. He is also best friends with an old friend of Abigail’s and she immediately grows feelings for Ethan, but what happens when Abigail’s old best friend who left her to become popular hits claws into Ethan? And what exactly happened between Abigail and her ex boyfriend Mark? And can Abigail handle it, when the most unexpected things happen.


Tags: escape while being pregnantgoodgirlstudentdramastraighthighschoolfirst lovefriendshipschoolgorgeous
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Chapter 34: Another surprise?

Chapter 34


Ethan gives me a small box. What's this?

"This is... Well... I thought that..." Ethan waits until I opened the box.

What's waiting inside the box is ... A key? What the fuck? A key? I had hoped that it was an engagement ring. I really want to marry Ethan. But now i……

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