The second wife

Z Ali

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Hanna gets married to her boyfriend, who was an older man. She hoped that this marriage would save her from her stalker, who almost raped her once. But soon she realises that she got herself into a bigger mess. Her parents are murdered and her husband was someone's husband already and now, her life is in danger.

"How could you do this to me?" Hanna sobbed. "What did I ever do to you for you to break my heart like this?"
Zak was dumbfounded "I didn't mean to.... I love you Hanna."
Hanna shook her head.
" don't love me. If you ever did, you would have told me the truth. You would have told me that you already are married."


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48. epilogue.

Hanna pov.

We got married. And once again it is our reception. Just a small one. Only our families and Trisha were invited. The workers of the mansion too enjoyed with us. They have grow pretty close to us. They were just like family to me.

All of us enjoyed and had a good time. While we danced Zak gestured towards Dain who w……

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