Till Debt Do Us Part


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Debt? Who likes to have a debt anyway? What is debt? Is it something you can acquire when you get married? Is it possible?

What have I gotten myself into? Where’s the perfect life that you promised me? Where’s is the bright future you’re telling me? Is it all a lie?

Is there really a happy ending? Is it till death do us part? Or is it till debt do us part after all?

I am Snow Cindy Ford. No... I am now Mrs. Snow Cindy Ford-Dela Costa. Married to Chaldrex Dela Costa. This is where happy endings of every tale I know get ruined.


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Fairy tale ruined number 2

Snow’s POV

We, Preci err Jewel and I, are here in the lobby waiting for the elevator to arrive when suddenly all the girls stopped walking and talking.

They all gasped. Some girls even put their hands to cover their mouths. You can see that they’re in awe.

“Hey Jewel!” When I turned my head to look at her, she’s also looking ……

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