A Dead Summer

Belle Casabuena

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Santa Bellisima Ismael dreamed of being a world reknowned chef so when an opportunity knock on her door she immediately grab it. But fate played her life that she ended up into a fake job offer.
Santa became a stow away. An attention grabber one. And in one of her travels to the street, the poor Filipina met a group of gangster. She was almost abused, and to protect her purity she sacrifice her life.
But in Santa's last minutes an unknown portal open up right above her eating her whole. And the next day, she woke up confuse in a weird place.
Santa thought, how can she be alive into a place with unicorns flying around, and chimera's hoving around? And if this death, bless her for she is to like it.


Tags: braveinspirationalmagical worldwitchcraftwarpassionate70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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"You will not be punished for your anger,

You will be punished by your anger..."

- Buddha



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