The Time Seeker


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Story revolves around an unknown man who found himself in some mysterious town, all the man knows about this town is that he doesn’t belong here but due to some reasons he will be living there for some time ...
Readers will find some interesting things in this story along with the mystery and horror that might be hidden in this town and what this unknown man is doing here in the first place and who is he , you will came to know as the story pass ...


Tags: othersdarktwistedseriousmysterysmall townsupernature earthsecretssupernaturalhorror
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Mansion at the corner

Situated alone in the corner of the town without any neighbor house it’s a bit odd . But only one line is there “What a beautiful house or mansion” that anyone will automatically utter as soon as they lay their eyes on it . Why wouldn’t they that black coating on the out of house gives it an astonishing view even from t……

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