Sukanya Patnaik

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Would you know if the person standing next to you , reckoned flawlessly normal has a indisposed mind ?
The unrevealed deviant and daedalian part of a juvenile's life , everyone in the neighbourhood is unaware of, oblivious of the reason behind his constant guilt !


Tags: murdersuicidefamilyneighbortwistedseriousmysterystraightillnesslonely
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Our lips parted in aghast , the gloomy and horrific scenario had made us all bewildered as well as flustered . While the Police officers were busy in their pensive mood , I and Jane prolonged our palpitating whereas Noodles was tight-lipped.

Meanwhile Mr.Cérny directed two of his officers Mr.Abreo and Mr.Badeaux kindly get the cors……

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