Chained Lovers


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Mafia Princess, Kiara Romano, is trying to nurse her broken heart using sex and alcohol, as she is forced to put her tragic past behind her,

She finds herself straying away from her family and into the arms of Aaron Black, leader of a criminal gang, and her father's biggest enemy.

However what will she do when the man who broke her heart and shattered her soul, Tristan Rose, one of her father's trusted men, returns back to town with one mission.

To win her back.

How will Kiara fair as she's stuck in this whirlwind love triangle? Will one man arise the victor for this deadly battle for her heart? Will Kiara choose loyalty to her family above all? Or will all three hearts shatter in this torrid love affair?

(Will be continued and finished)

Order of series:
1. Chained To Him
2. Chained To The Mafia
3. Chained Lovers

- Mature sexual content
- Content contains violence


Tags: love-trianglepossessivesexkickass heroinegangsterdramabetrayalfirst lovesassypassionate
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Chapter 41: Daddy

K I A R A ' S P.O.V

"Daddy, I know you must still be angry but..."

He held up his hand. I fell silent, and watched as he clenched his jaw so tightly he looked as though he was in pain.

"I'm not angry, I'm disappointed. Because you went, and I know your mother helped you, trust me we've argued abou……

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