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Alison an Omega born into the Angel pack family, but due to lack of knowledge of their origin, they lived as humans. Alison lost her Dad quite too early to thug fights in her street this made her so quiet, fearful and a peaceful person despite her 6 ft plus man-like muscular physique.

Her classmates sought every opportunity to terrorize her because her physique looks intimidating to them and Allison will never fight back.

One day Alison's classmate Luna conspired with Ryan and others in her class to kill her because Alison was fallen in love with Ryan their school head boy whom she loves too.

Ryan never realized Luna's intention and agreed to it.

Ryan approached Alison on that day and pleaded with her to help him get his kid sister out of a dark and abandoned building close to the school.

Alison went in because of the love she felt for Ryan, then she saw ghost-like beings with scary masks. It chased her inside the building, she tried to find safety and ran upstairs, then she heard a loud shout and turned around to see what had happened, one of the ghost-like beings that chased her upstairs had fallen off the stairs. suddenly the ghost-like beings all stop chasing her and went to meet the one who fell off.

Alison was shocked to know they were all her classmates when they took away their face masks but they had killed Stella.

How will they all explain what happened to Stella? so they all agreed to say Alison killed Stella.


Four years later Alison was released from prison and turned a monster werewolf.

The only thoughts on her mind were revenge for her accusation and a fight to mate.


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"I just wish you could get your ass smashed on my pavement as you go home. Don't a tot see you anywhere around my home" Mr Lan,” Mr Erica said

“Welcome home, Alison” Mr Lan said while he walked away from the house, angry with a furrow of his forehead.

Mrs Erica and Alison get back into the house and her Mom slams the d……

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