The mystical ring of tilemetafora.

Chinedu Chukwujekwu

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Isekai, Resurrection, Reincarnation.
a boy, an introvert living in South Dakota discovered a world of fantasy when he lay his hands on a ring. tracing the root of the ring, he discovered who he truly is; a half fairy half human. Discovering that those that wants to kill him and have the ring, he decided to journey into fairy world and search for answers; the connection he has with the ring without knowing that the real threat lies to where he was seeking solace.
Jeremy at the age of fourteen will lead the army of fairies and elves in a battle against the dark elves who seeks dominion over all the land.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationself discoveralien contactmultiple personalityWriting Academy70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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Lydia rushed to Diana, grabbed her by the hair trying to pull her up but Diana hit her with a stick. Lydia fell to the ground and suddenly stood on her feet. Diana rushed at her taking her down with a spear move, she jumped on her and started giving her mounted punches.

All the beast were drawing back from Jeremy. Suddenly; a Mi……

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