Zikaboo The Vampires | Season 1 | Zaker's Ending

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You are a girl who lives with grandmother at a small house. Recently you meet a horrible creature. Soon you and Your grandma need to move to another village. Your life isn’t easy there as you hoped. You find out, the village is a haunted village. It get haunted by different type of ghosts. When researchers find More about the mysterious ghosts. People starts to call them zikaboo vampires. After many situations and by luck, you meet 3 zikaboo vampires : Jaker,Hypto,Sibachu. They say they are finding the person who is dedicated to help them and to be their queen. Soon, the 3 Zikaboos & you find out that, you Are the dedicated person to help and be the queen!! You refuse first, then agree. Then,your adventure starts with the 3 Zikaboo vampires. They falls in love with you from the beginning. Their love for you is just keep growing. Many romantic situations happens between you and day,Their love for you have grown so much that, none of them would hesitant to kill the others to win your heart! Then you need to make a choice! You end up choosing Jaker!
The season 1 ends up with jaker. I will upload the season 1 Again with Hypto and Sibachu's Ending so you don’t miss your favourite characher's ending! and if you like the season 1 and comment on this, I will publish season 2 too! If I keep getting reviews to uolpad next season, I will try to keep uolapding as season as possible of the story!

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Everyone : "What?!"

Me : I know the answer! The answer is

'Luraceff 239' !!!"

Prince : "Eh?!"

Zaker , Hypto & Sibachu : "(Surprised) What?!"

Me : "Yes!! The answer is Luraceff 239."

They all looks disbelieved as expected, especially th……

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