The Legend of Draconia: The Dragon, The Beach, And The Stronghold

Flint Argus Claymore

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Long ago, dragons and humans coexisted in Draconia. But one day, everything changed.

Luke Langress, a simple farm boy, learns this story from his grandfather. Soon, he will find himself in Draconia and find the truth behind the story.

Another war will be waged because of his coming. Will he ever come back home in one piece or will he be another victim of this raging war?

Come and join the riot. Who knows? Maybe Luke will find someone to look over him.


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A line of men stood from the border. They paced back and forth with precise synchronization. They held long-nosed guns as they marched repetitively. Beyond them was nothingness. Thick powders of dust blew from below the pointed edge of earth.

I need to find a way to get past them. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew strongly behind them. The……

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