The Shadow Within


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Above the Bermuda Triangle, an aeroplane is ensnared in a cyclonic storm.
Then, an unexplained occurrence in the crashing plane carries Rachel, a university student, over to a completely new dimension.
In this new enchanted world, an ancient evil force has been awakened. There is to be war. There is to be carnage.
Rachel finds herself as a pawn in a crazed powerplay of ancient magical powers. She finds herself with an impossible task.
Join me in this tantalizing adventure as we explore the new normals she has to accept, adapt to and master.

This is my first story ever to publish on this platform and I'm quite excited. I hope you enjoy this story and keep following. Thank you and welcome.


Tags: adventurebxgmagical worldrebirth/rebornSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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The City of Trakora which was the main and central city of The Trakoran Empire was built around the hill atop which The Dark Castle sat. At the very foot of the hill was the army command base which was a massive compound surrounded by a tall concrete wall. 

Beyond the army base and going all the way around the hill were the main and d……

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