The Abandoned boy

Z Ali

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Alpha Adam and his pack finds an abandoned little boy in the forest. Adam being childless couldn't just let him be on his own and ends up taking him to his pack. They couldn't tell if is he was a werewolf. The boy smelled like he must be human.....or is he?


"Come on. this way." Adam shouted. He was sure he the rouges went this way. He and his team of warriors rushed through the thick forest until they came to a clearing.
"There is no one here alpha." Zane, his beta whispered.
Adam shook his head. No. His senses cannot lie.

Then they saw him. A little boy staring back at them with the most mysterious silver eyes.


Tags: revengepowerfulbraveprincessbrilliantsupernature earthwitchcraftweak to strong
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I am thinking of writing the sequel to THE ABANDONED BOY. The title would be REDEMPTION OF A QUEEN.

The story continues......

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