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Nina is unaware of her ability to see the future, not until she saw the terror of a scary woman coming out of a monitor to kill her online basher.

Cyberbullying can be fun for some, but traumatizing for their victims. Mina Garcia has been in showbiz for some time and has had several acting awards but she is often talked about on social media due to various scandals. She's one of the victims of cyberbullying. Now she's up for revenge. Will you be able to escape her vengeance? How can Nina help Mina and other victims of injustice?


Credit to Stuck_N_Silence for my book cover.?


Tags: mysteryscaryevilghostspecial abilityhorrorcruelWriting AcademyhumiliatedRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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Nina and Jackie went to the faculty to talk to Sir Homer. When they looked at the glass door, they immediately saw their professor but he was talking to someone.

"Let's just come back later, Jackie," Nina hesitated.

"Wait, that's Mark, he's Mina's older brother who carried you to their house." Jackie pulled Nina going……

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