The Mermaid


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Mermaids are said to be supernatural water beings created by the almighty to protect the water. It might’ve sound Like a mythology or superstitious to the hearings of a modern man but deep down in the oceans, rivers and lakes we can’t deny the fact that those supernatural beings exist On the earth.

Isiama river is a dreaded mighty river in the outskirt of eastern part of Nigeria, imo state to be precise. legend had it that the river contain some supernatural water beings that usually appear to someone who needed their help granting the person whatsoever he or she desire ranging from wealth, Fruit of the womb,cleansing from a particular sickness that seem incurable to the traditionalist and they can be seen in broad daylight warming their body at the River bank.

Some cases of people who suddenly develop one problem or the other After encountering them at the River with an evil intentions were also oriented as they partake in cleansing the community from evil. This continue for so many years until a son of ezenite who travel out of the community for a long period of time returned to the community with some White men and they desecrated the water. He died at the back along with the foreigners with him but the queen of the water punished the whole community immensely pouring her wrath on them in full. There was no cry of baby in the whole community and their Land yielded no friut leaving the total village in famine as countless number of the people died of hunger including all the river beings Born by humans who were summon back to the river kingdom.

They later appease the river queen but...............


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The Mermaid
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